Your Home, Made Simple

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans than half of Americans are overwhelmed by clutter and not sure where to begin? Does this sound like you? 

The Simplify Your Home eBook serves as a step-by-step guide to teach you how to live clutter-free, create habits and routines to organize your life, and be more intentional with your time, energy, and money. The eBook walks you through the decluttering process and allows you to take the driver's seat and set aside however much time you have towards achieving a more simplified home.

This is not a one and done project, this is a journey that results in a positive lifestyle change, friend. This is your decluttering journey, which means no comparison necessary. I believe in you and know this process is achievable with hard work and dedication. All that's required of you is to start from where you are and with what you have.

Ready to Kickstart Your Fresh Start in 2024?!

The holiday chaos is behind us, and it's time for a FRESH start!  Introducing my Simplify Your Home: New Year Reset Guide, your FREE roadmap to a clutter-free, organized oasis!

Kickstart Your Decluttering Journey

Are you ready to take control of your space, reduce stress, and experience the unmatched freedom of a clutter-free life? Don't miss out on this opportunity to download my FREE PDF guide and embark on a journey toward a brighter, more simple home.

Set Your Day up for Success

Unleash your full potential with the ultimate tool for time management and organization. Wildwood Paper Company and Simply Put created the Time Blocking Notepad that combines functionality with elegance.

Time blocking is a game-changer for anyone looking to manage their time efficiently, and our notepad makes it easy to implement this technique into your daily routine.

Time Block to Rock Your Day

Take back control of your day with my simple time blocking templates.

Get Your Tasks in Check

Stress less about managing your tasks every day with a simple task chart.

Time Block to Rock Your Day {Kids Edition}

Take back control of your day with my simple time blocking templates.

Meal Plan Like a Boss

Stay on track planning and prepping for your meals.

Stress Less During the Holiday Season

Don't burry yourself in stress this year, instead pivot to a mindset of planning & preparation. It can be easy with my Simple Holiday Season templates! For $5 {+tax} you get templates for your schedule, budget, gift giving & more!

Holiday Meal Planning

Are you looking for a way to keep meals this holiday season organized and easy to prepare? Stress less this year with our super simple (+ festive!) planning sheets! Karis from Wildwood Paper Company has designed these awesome sheets for you to print and use!

With one F R E E download, you receive:

  • Holiday Meal Plan

  • Weekly Meal Plan

  • Weekly Grocery List

  • Pantry Stock Up List

You won’t need any other sheets to keep yourself (or your kitchen) organized over these next few months!

Learn more about Karis and Wildwood Paper Company on her Instagram, website and Etsy shop!

Simple Decluttering Wins

Uplift your energy by tackling simple decluttering projects! Read more.

{7} Simple Tasks to Help with Home Chaos

Do you love coming home and feeling stress-free? Read more.

Simple Tips to Stay on Task

Do you think you're a good multi-tasker? Read more.

{5} Simple Email Solutions

Declutter your inbox for good! Read more.

{5} Steps to Design a Daily Routine

How much easier would your life be if you had a daily routine in place? What could you accomplish? Read more.

{5} Tips to Get Back-to-School Ready

Get back-to-school ready to make doing life simple! Read more.

Create a Task Chart to Stay on Track

Utilize my free template to keep tasks in check!

{4} Tips to Prioritize Tasks

Don’t be stressed by your tasks, prioritize instead. Read more.

{5} Questions to Ask Yourself About Clothing in Your Closet

Your answers are sure to assist you in making decisions to declutter your wardrobe. Read more.

{5} Ways to Have a Simple Summer

Slow down your summer and enjoy the memories. Read more.

Rock Your Morning Routine

Make the most out of your morning. Read more.

{5} Quick Organizing Wins

Spaces you can organize today that will make you feel good. Read more.

{7} Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

Make simple changes to reignite the love for your home. Read more.

{6} Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of clutter-free this holiday season. Read more.

{5} Steps to Build Home Habits

Create and sustain good habits to achieve your goals. Read more.

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