Rock Your Morning Routine

Are you a morning person? I admit, it's not always my favorite time of day, but I'm training myself to love it.

Recently I've started my morning by going on the back deck. I take a good look around our property and do 2-3 deep breaths inhales. It wakes my body up and it gives a moment of peace and an opportunity to express gratitude for one more day.

It's easy to think that being an organized person means having items in pretty bins with less clutter, and sure that's part of it. But what I want to strive for more than that is breathing room for a mental, physical, and spiritual clutter-free life. That starts with routines & daily habits.

Almost every.single.morning I do the following things that set me up for big success throughout the day:

I make my bed

I empty out/load the dishwasher

I start/complete a load of laundry

I prep dinner

I write out my tasks for the day. I time block as much as I can

I simplify spaces in the home. This consists of about 5-10 min of putting toys, shoes, and misc. items back where they belong.

Fill up my water, get my tea/coffee prepped & start my day!

There are typically misc. tasks in between these on certain days, but these core tasks have become so ritualistic. They really ground me and give me that feeling of control. I prefer to run my day not have my day run me. Those days pop-up occasionally, and when they do it can really set me back.

Other tips for morning success:

Get Up Before Everyone Else

Put Off Being on Your Phone

Do Something You love {Move your body, read a book, journal}

Need more resources?

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