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Hi, friend, I’m Lyndsey - welcome in!

Since 2019, I’ve been helping busy women and families simplify their lives with virtual decluttering and organizing through affordable digital solutions and simple strategies to keep their homes and schedules organized & clutter free. Simply Put specializes in providing tools to make you feel less stressed so you can spend time doing what’s most important to you.

I offer virtual sessions and DIY resources for you to start your decluttering journey with me as a sideline coach.  

Crafted with Purpose: A Planner Like No Other

Start your journey of intention and inspiration with our brand-new creation: A New Day Planner, a labor of love born from a collaboration with Simply Put & Wildwood Paper Company, created with YOU in mind!

It’s time to slay your day!

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Your Home. Made Simple.

Don’t Procrastinate This Holiday Season!

Are you feeling the holiday overwhelm creeping in like a stealthy elf on a sugar rush? Don't worry; I’ve got your back! Introducing my "Simplify Your Holidays" guide – your secret weapon to turn the chaos into calm during the rush of the season.

Discover the Power of a Clutter-Free Life

Imagine waking up every morning to a home that exudes calm, where every item serves a purpose, and every room radiates joy. Picture a world where your surroundings inspire clarity of thought, where you can focus on what truly matters.

Are you ready to take control of your space, reduce stress, and experience the unmatched freedom of a clutter-free life?

Experience Home Freedom

Welcome to the first step toward a life of simple! Are you ready to reclaim your space, simplify your surroundings, and break free from the burdens of clutter? Your journey begins here with my FREE PDF guide, designed to help you live clutter-free and experience the liberating joys of simplicity.

Simplify. Organize. Thrive.

Your home should be your happy place, not a constant source of stress. A clutter-free environment isn't just visually appealing; it's a powerful catalyst for a more fulfilling life. My eBook is your ticket to a clutter-free existence, where you can breathe freely, think clearly, and thrive.

eBook Reviews:

"The Simplify Your Home eBook is not just another organizational guide that instructs you to get rid of your belongings in order to feel peace within your home. Instead, this book helps break down the mental, anxiety driven aspect behind most cluttered chaos. Lyndsey is able to walk you through, step by step, with check lists to help along the way. This book does not imply there is a "one size fits all" way to go about organizing. Instead, it helps you find the right timeline that works for you while also taking away the intimidation factor in getting started."

Sarah J.

"I love this book! Lyndsey gently and gracefully guides you to discover your own "why" to decluttering your space. After that important discovery, she leads you on a step-by-step, room-by-room journey, using simple decluttering techniques.  She beautifully wraps everything up by sharing tips on maintenance of your new space. I love how relatable she is in sharing her own struggles and successes.  It's like sharing time with a dear friend. Her passion is felt throughout the pages.  Bravo! I will be using the techniques in this book to tackle my office/craft room. It's in desperate need of a makeover. I love how your book approaches everything with so much grace and no judgement. It was like spending time with a sweet friend who was sharing gentle guidance in an area of my life where it was needed."

Kelly B.

"I am in love with this eBook! I love that you showed up, real and raw and authentic and poured your whole self into this book. The fact you took so much time to put this together for the sake of helping others and reaching a wider audience just speaks to your kindness, and your huge heart! It reinforces how I feel so grateful to know you! This book lays out into layman’s terms how to be organized. Not just clean but organized. It feels like you are right there walking me through each step and is going to be an invaluable resource for anyone who needs your service but is states away! I can’t wait until it launches so I can recommend it to everyone I know.”

Stephanie W.

Start from where you are, with what you have.

I create easy to navigate templates for time management, meal planning, and more!

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Ready to tackle a virtual session?

You Can Learn to Live Clutter-Free.

You Can Create Habits & Routines to Organize Your Life.

You Can Be More Intentional with Your Time, Energy, and Money.

You Can Start Today.


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