{7} Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home

1. Freshen Things Up

Liven up your couch with some new throw pillows

Add some greenery (real or fake) to shelves or tables

Get new sheets or a blanket for your bed

Swap out your shower curtain for an updated design

Trade old kitchen towels & oven mitts for a new set

2. Let in Light

Add fun light fixtures to add to your home’s décor/aesthetic

Change the colors of your wall to white, light gray or tan

Wash your windows {dirty windows take away light shining through to your home}

Add more mirrors {they make a space feel larger and it can double sunlight if placed across a window}

3. Enhance Your Space

Add a plant or two as décor or splurge on bouquet of flowers for your bedroom or kitchen table.

Find a scent you really love in the form of a candle. essential oil, or air freshener, and light/diffuse/place in areas of your home you want a nice pick-me-up.

To refresh & brighten a space, consider adding new art pieces or framed photos on the walls as a nice reminder of things, places and people you love.

Spring is right around the corner, which means you can start adding fun outdoor pieces to liven up the exterior of your home. Add pillows to a front sitting area, display a new wreath on your front door and swap out your door mat.

4. Take Things Out

Take inventory of your home décor. Does what you have on display appeal to your style & the aesthetic you’re going for? If not, adjust!

We all have them, the thoughtful gifts from a family member or friend that is stuffed in a closet. Do the kind thing and gift these items to someone who may enjoy it or put it in the donation pile. You don’t need to hold on to something {that isn’t meaningful} just because it was a gift.

Holding on to pieces of clothing that fit you 5 years ago isn’t doing you any good and it’s taking up inventory while collecting dust in your closet. If you’re truly setting goals to fit back in the items, then by all means hold on to them, but if they’re making you sad, say goodbye!

Tip: Sell items you’re not that into & put that money towards new items or save it.

5. Do a DIY Project

Add an accent wall! Whether it’s shiplap, wallpaper or a mural, adding a fun accent wall to a hallway, dining room or bedroom can bring so much life into a space.

Transform existing wood furniture with a new coat of paint, a fresh new stain or add some accent drawer knobs for pizazz!

Create a fun coffee bar set up with a fun mug display & cute signage.

Dig up a hole in your backyard and make a firepit perfect for roasting s’mores on summer & fall nights.

Paint your outdated kitchen cabinets.

Reupholster an old chair to make a fun living room accent piece.

6. Storage Solutions

Blankets piled up on a couch feels cluttered, but adding them to a fun wood ladder or folding them in a cute hyacinth basket is cute & cozy.

Laundry detergent containers & dryer sheet boxes don’t look flattering, but if you add the detergent to a fun glass jug and put dryer sheets in a cute wooden Kleenex box, you instantly create a dapper laundry room.

For more storage solutions, check out the huge list I’ve complied on my Amazon list. Treat yourself this Valentine’s weekend with some home tools!

7. Have Feelings About Your Home

I want you to think of what the word ‘home’ means to you. Don’t get caught up in the size of your home, what you do/don’t have and the overall appearance. That isn’t the full picture of what home is.

Focus on what is good. What do you love about your home? What works well? What would you miss if your next home didn’t have that?

Make do with what you have. Think outside the box and make enhancements to the spaces that you truly live in.

Focus on what you can control. If you have feelings of overwhelm, stress and disappointment towards items in your home, put a plan together to remove these stumbling blocks. If it’s too much of a burden to bear, consider hiring out help. I am a resource! Even if you just want to talk through some of your struggles, and have me give a few tips to get you started, I’m here to help.

Highlight things that bring you joy. After you declutter and remove the negative, find ways to enhance the items in your home that make you happy & bring feelings of love and light.

Choose gratitude - always. Thank your home for all it provides you {roof over your head, warmth, etc.}.

In doing these things, I hope you’ll remember the true meaning of home. Focus on what you love, remove the clutter & highlight the special things.

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