{5} Ways to Build Home Habits

1. Make To-Do Lists
Pick your poison; pen/paper or a virtual app and get in a routine of making lists like daily/weekly/monthly chores that need to be accomplished.

2. Organize On the Go
For every room you go into on a daily basis, remove items that don't belong and put things back where they go. If you tidy as you go, you wont feel burnt out with big organizing projects.

3. Purge the excess.

As you're organizing on the go each day, don't put things back if you don't want them anymore. Keep a tote or box around for donations you want to make throughout the month. Declutter items that are no longer serving you. You never want to put items back in place that you don't actively use or love.

4. Meal and Grocery Prep
Keep a list for food needs and meal ideas. Prep your grocery list based on the meals you plan to make. This will help you save money and ensure you don't overstock on items and crowd your pantry or cupboards.

5. Reflect and Reset
Spend some time each night to reflect on the day and ask yourself some questions. Consider creating a reminder on your phone for the same time every night with the list of questions you want to use to evaluate the day:

What did I accomplish today?

What to-dos did I complete?

What to-dos do I need to work on tomorrow?

After you've reflected, take some time to rest and do something for yourself to reward you for a day of good work!

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